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How are Fitness centers and Gyms embracing mobile apps?

The technology of today’s generation is consistently magnifying, and as the technology becomes smarter, fitness facilities must find ways to grow and adapt with it. In other words, fitness facilities need to find ways to market their facilities and compete against mobile apps that have created ways for people to monitor their health without actually going to a fitness facility.

Some ways that fitness facilities have embraced mobile apps is by scheduling. These scheduling apps allow for their members to log in, see what classes are offered at what times, and reserve a spot for the class.

The fitness facility also has the ability to cancel or modify the classes, which then will alert those who have reserved a spot already. These types of apps makes it easy and convenient for the working health guru, so they don’t have to make time out of their busy day to call the facility, to check on classes, or sit at a computer and search. Other facilities have the ability to take payments through apps, therefore, there is no need to send out monthly reminders or emails, but having the app take care of all payments and reminders.

Wodify, which is a performance tracking app, allows for members of specific Crossfit boxes to see what the workouts will be for that day and also to log their results, which results in a ranking form of those who have worked out for that day. Wodify also allows for members to personalize their accounts with pictures, social sharing, and “like” buttons, which resembles the one Facebook has.

These types of apps have made working out much more fun and interactive allowing people to get more involved in health and fitness all together. Many facilities have also used these fitness apps to market what they have to offer. With social sharing, members of a gym or facility can now check into their gym while they are there, which then posts a notification on their social network of choice. This allows for all friends through this social site to be aware of the facility, and create a place to gain more members.

Although, many apps are free, which follow the activity of the app user and alerts them when they are not moving enough, or when they haven’t logged a workout, and gives them the benefit of not having to go to the gym everyday but to do daily activities at home. This may have increased people to be more active but may have forced gym owners to update their technology uses as well, which in the end has helped fitness facilities appeal to a more technologically savvy person again creating more accounts for the facilities.

Are Android and IOS wearable a fashion statement?

Android and IOS wearable are the newest trend in technology, although the question is are they because of the advancement in technology or because they are the latest fashion trend. Apple has once again outdone themselves as far has having the next biggest thing in technology, but have they overdone it with the different ways to customize the new Apple Watch?

When it comes to technology, everyone seems to want the next big thing, whether it’s the next iPhone, or the next tablet, the newest is always the best, and even if they have a perfectly nice product people are jumping at the chance to throw that one away to buy the product that was just released. Wearables at first may seem as if they were just the next biggest thing in technology, until you could customize the wearable to your everyday life, or your style. For example Apple has created the Apple Watch with customized bands, which can be changed out depending on your mood or outfit.

There is also the option of buying an Apple Watch with a stainless steel band, which seems a bit much if you ask me. Then you have the option of buying a Sport Apple watch which gears towards those health gurus. It could be all about the money, showing off that you have the latest and greatest because well you can afford it. But then it comes back to the customizable part, which goes for all technology, but you don’t change your phone case every day depending on your clothing choices. But you do change your jewelry depending on your outfit, which is what a wearable is, jewelry, something you can try on.

People want easy, fast and simply, something that has functionality, which describes wearable. Wearable are small enough that people’s hands aren’t always consumed with a phone or a monitor while working out, they are fast enough to get the job done, and they are simple in style and looks.

Now health and fitness has become huge in technology, while fit-bits and other fitness bands can monitor your health, sleep habits, etc. People want to have this monitored for them and these bands can do that and also be a part of your style, again with customizable bands, colors, and styles. Wearable aren’t just a trend in technology but they are also a fashion statement. Technology and fashion all in one. What’s next?

Top Ten Fastest Movers In The Mobile App And Ad Market

Mobile in the last year has been buttoned down to second-rate phones lagging in the capacity of mobile bandwidth. By the end of the year, it moves slowly towards the single-function apps development. With the bloom of mobile ads, the sales of the apps reach the sky. According to the study of Strategy Analytic and PWC, the revenues of 2013 from the ads and Google mobile app stand to $38 billion. This line of the trend is steeply ascending. Can you imagine if it grows at such a rapid rate, then where will the annual revenue stand by 2017? Yes, it is quite difficult to imagine. As per the statement of Digi Capital, an investment bank, the total income from the ads and mobile apps will be at least $70 billion by 2017. Now as you go through the article, you will find out the names of the top ten fastest movers in the enterprise mobile apps and ad markets.

Fastest Movers In The Mobile App

List of The Top Ten Movers In The Mobile App And Ad Market

  • App Annie: – Developers always count on sniffing out the info regarding the ways people use the mobile apps. App Annie stands out in these with the signs of rapid growth and strong revenues in the last year. Do you have any idea of the number of users who use App Annie Analytic? Well, you may be quite surprised to hear that 2, 70,000 developers are using it.
  • Fetch: – It is a mobile ad agency based in London. The company is supposed to take over the annual revenue of 2013 by taking it to $100 million this year. It came in 2009 to play a solid role in the mobile ads. In fact, Fetch has successfully built up a strong platform which works fine.
  • HasOffers: – The employees of HasOffers did a great business of $19 million last year. It has been flourishing since May by getting $9 million from VC Accel Partners.
  • MoPub: – It got in the business of mobile development ads earlier than Facebook and Twitter. At first, Twitter thought of growing its own ad exchange of mobile, but later gave it up by laying down $350 million at hand for MoPub.
  • Whats App: – It has become the strongest rival of Facebook making an yearly revenue above $16 billion in the last year. With more than 450 millions of users, it looks like Facebook is insisting Whats App to take on Apple’s iMessage and Google Hangouts.
  • Adroll: – This Company has brought out the magic of watching ads around the web page of your mobile once you have clicked on it. It has increased the funding from $70 million to $89 million led by Foundation Capital in April.
  • Appsflyer: – AppsFlyer amassed traffic for iOS mobile apps from its designer customers through a big network of 450 apps staging which includes Facebook, Tapjoy and Appnexus. Recently AppsFlyer announced, for ad agencies, a completely new product which has greatly shut off the placements of mobile ads. It takes $7.1 million in March 2013 from Magma Venture Partners and Pitango Venture Capital.
  • Flurry: – At the outset, Flurry started out as an analytics of enterprise mobile apps, but now it is running a network of mobile ad. Its growing customers have helped it to raise the fund amount from $12.5 million to $62.5 million. According to a statement made by the company, 500,000 mobile apps are going to use Flurry’s analytics with the sign up of 20,000 users every month.
  • Kik Messenger:- After going through a big failure in the beginning, Kik Messenger is again coming up on the top list of private messenger developer of app. It gained popularity because of providing snappy platforms to send short photos and messages. The company has also built their own ecosystem of HTML5, known as Kik Cards which is used by 145 million people since its launch in the last year.
  • MyFitnessPal:- It is the health app which has been downloaded for maximum number of times in the App store. It integrated more devices of fitness tracker such as Fitbit. It took $18 million fund in August 2013 which was laid by some unknown high profile VCs. Now, it is looking forward to ways to combine all its data with other android mobile apps, to safely transmit it into the system of healthcare.

No doubt, after going through this article you have come to know about the great names which at present are keeping the other mobile ad companies under the thumb. Hope, they go on providing us with new exciting ads of mobile to launch mobile in a unique ways and newest technologies compelling us to buy that.

Top Rated Apps other than Social Media Grabbing the Young College Students and Entrepreneurs

Scores of internet scholars consider that apps are now used as the best method to guzzle digital media. Due to the advent of varied mobile apps, loads of PC users are shifting their focus from desktop computers to apps supported mobile phones. In the mobile application market, it can be seen that majority of the customers are college goers and young entrepreneurs. According to comScore, an American internet analytic company, the utilization of the mobile phones is similar to a tidal wave that completely changes the concept of digital content in our world.

Before two or three years, youngsters craved for using social media apps but presently, the scenario has changed a lot. Though social media mobile applications help the youngsters to connect with their old friends very easily but now they want to attain more benefits of the mobile apps and for this reason, they are focusing their attention on informative and business enhancing mobile apps. These apps not only help the youngsters to gain knowledge of the whole world but also assist the young budding entrepreneurs to enhance their company’s brand loyalty on the World Wide Web. As you read every word of this report you will be amazed to know that there are many other mobile apps which have the capability to make you the most knowledgeable and successful man.

Best Mobile Apps Used by Apprentices to Become the College Topper

Often, it can be seen that when a learner enters college, he/she initially thinks that college is only the place for fun. Later when the student realizes the competition in the job world, he turns his complete focus towards those educational and informative mobile apps. It is a fact that though social media apps help the college apprentices to keep in touch with their distant friends but these mobile applications are not beneficial for the educational purpose. So, if you want to avail the advantages of the educational mobile apps, read the following cited points attentively:

  • BenchPrep is a reciprocal web based itinerary library where the graduate learners get all sorts of e-books related to their syllabus. In these study materials, the students can also find various practice question sets, more than 600 study lessons, in-app buys and flash card features.
  • Evernote is yet another college app that helps the pupils to be connected with the resource study materials by uploading the text, audio and video information of the students in their personal Evernote account. It is obtainable in Android and iOS supported mobile phones.
  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator is an ideal substitute for the calculator-less. The college students can get this mobile app in free of cost if they have Android supported mobile phones.
  • Engineering Professional is an exclusive education app for the engineering students. In this app, the learners get more than 650 formulas related to mechanical, hydrology, environmental, electrical, civil, chemical subjects.
  • Notella is a high-speed note taking mobile apps helps the apprentices to keep the class notes in record without missing a single line. It is available in iOS supported mobile phones.

Paramount Mobile Business Apps Used By Young Entrepreneurs to Enhance their Business Productivity

Whether you are a budding fashion designer or a tech hardware company owner, business mobile apps are the only powerful weapons that can help you in raising the brand image of your company beating the other competitors. Nowadays, young entrepreneurs are shifting their focus from social media apps to business mobile apps because of their huge advantages. If you also want to utilize the business mobile apps, learn the following discussion and order the one that is suitable for your business:

  • Winstreak is a business mobile app that helps the young businessmen to stay static in their ambition. If any entrepreneur has iPhone, he/she can use it.
  • Venmo is another entrepreneur app that helps the traders to carry out the business transactions in friction less way. It is a simple app that is facilitated to the businessmen at free of cost.
  • Flesky is an outstanding commercial business application which assists the entrepreneurs to type on the smartphone screen without seeing on it. It helps the businessmen in saving their precious time.

Now that you are at the end of this article, you are just minutes away from the feeling of buying any one of these aforementioned mobile apps. It is very much important for you to procure first an iOS or Android mobile phone so that you can avail the benefits of these mobile apps properly.

Increase Creativity in Your Business by Applying Top Ten Mobile Apps

Business area is all about gaining knowledge and developing, however effective participation is significant to reap the production. Recognizing and solving the problems that arise inside and outside the company is the primary step to augment the productivity of any kind of trade. If you want to return your business back to track, take the top rated enterprise mobile apps of 2014 into consideration and escalate your company to the top most rank.

Overview of Mobile App

A mobile app is software specially constructed to run on the mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones. Generally, the customers can avail it via application distribution program. Earlier, the mobile apps were employed for general productivity and data retrieval purposes. Nevertheless, nowadays, majority of the executives use mobile apps for boosting their trade efficiency. In most of the business management guides, exploitation of mobile application software becomes a vital point of the marketing strategy. Some of the famous mobile app service providers are Blackberry App World, Windows Phone Store, Google Play, App Store and so on. Here in the following discussion, the readers will come to know about the widely used enterprise mobile apps in the year 2014.

Top Ten Mobile Application Software of 2014

  1. Timesheet mobile app is specially designed for commercial use. It is one of the best IOS mobile apps to track the work time and the GPS location of their mobile personnel correctly. This cloud based time sheet application has the ability to incorporate with the backend ERP systems. It can be widely used by the executives, consultants, service technicians, sales workers, technology experts etc.
  2. Travel Expense is one of the renowned SAP mobile apps that help the business owners to create the travel expense report easily. This cloud based travel expense application has the capability to run on various mobile platforms like Windows, Blackberry, Android, IOS etc. This business app helps in enforcing the limits and controls of company’s expenditure. It is facilitated to the businessmen with the feature of fluid screen.
  3. Corporate current is one of the preeminent mobile cloud apps that especially run on android and IOS devices. This enterprise mobile app helps in storing data safely in the cloud allowing the personnel to tag their co-workers and find by tag. It facilitates the traders to announce their corporate news to their targeted clients.
  4. Leave request is one of the finest IOS mobile apps that are specifically used by the workers and the managers of any plant or factory. The employees can simply use this enterprise app by logging their time and make a leave request. It assists the personnel to view the team leave calendar of their company.
  5. Facility Reservation is one of the preeminent enterprise apps that run in IOS and Android mobile platforms. It is a cloud based business employee listing application, that saves time in finding out reserve services. This application program can be employed for various types of facilities such as corporate vehicles, tables in company cafeteria, gymnasium devices and many more.
  6. Survey is one of the best mobile cloud apps used in tracking the development of surveys. It has the capability to produce multifaceted surveys with set of laws. This business mobile application software manages the review of personnel, service devices, punters, brands and commodities. It automatically shows the scores of the survey providing electronic support to investigate the queries.
  7. Lead Capture falls under the list of the top rated android mobile apps which helps the entrepreneurs to grasp the lead. It speedily makes lead by scanning the business cards and the badges of the visitor. Furthermore, this mobile application software can be integrated with the backend ERP system of the clients. It is most widely employed by the sales managers for searching the lead.
  8. Enterprise Contracts is one of the preeminent android mobile apps which have the capability to capture the details of the mobile phone conversation. It helps in finding out the details of business contacts and filtering the contact list with some specific criterion. It also helps the businessmen to check the social media activities of their companies from a particular interface. This application software is extensively applied by the corporate employees.
  9. Corporate Under Currents is yet another paramount mobile application software which is applied for rating a company informally. This app creates an amusing ambience inside the office by rating the personnel through the symbol of thumbs up and thumbs down. Usually, it runs on android and IOS mobile platforms.
  10. Enterprise Note is again a paramount cloud based mobile application that is used for apprehending the information both in voice and text form. This mobile app has the talent to allocate notes to various business objects for instance service orders, leads, products, demands, accounts etc.

So, if you want to bring your business in the list of the leading companies, apply these above cited mobile apps and experience the outstanding result.

Trade off – Cost vs Quality – Mobile App Development

Information Technology has revolutionized the very world in which we live. An important part of this development has been played by smartphones. These smartphones have made our lives considerably easier. However, a major role of assigning so much of importance to the smartphones goes to apps. Today apps are found on almost every genre. Be it measuring one’s BMI or keeping count of the heart beat while running a marathon.Thus, apps can be called the spirit of the smartphones. Hence, if you are looking for a mobile app development team, then there are some important features that one must pay attention to before hiring them.

          Often when we look for a mobile app development team then the one thing that we mistakenly pay excessive heed to are only the mobile development skills. It is paramount to know whether the mobile app development team has a sound business acumen too. Many app development teams although, are quite good at what they do but lack the fundamentals of app business market and are not able to comprehend which apps will do good at the market and which ones will falter. This can be a great setback if you are looking to hire one such team. It is important to be good in their work but simultaneously the app development team must have a basic idea of whether the proposed app is going to do well in the market or not.

          Another important feature to keep in mind while selecting a mobile app development team is to look thoroughly into their portfolios. It is important to keep in mind the kind of apps they have executed before. One should always remember that the success of the app is mostly dependent on the way that app interacts with the user. Thus, look for some sound user interfaces in the past apps of these teams/companies.

          An important point to keep in mind is that the mobile development team must be patient and ready to have a long lasting partnership with your firm. App building is not a child’s play and there will be times when the recruiter and the developing team will not be in accordance with each other. In those times, comes out the real character of the app development team. They should not be short tempered or short sighted such that they desert the ship as soon as any loophole is found.

          Last but certainly not the least, the most important point is not to go for low budget options. Many firms think that it is better to tread on low budget without thinking that this low budget treading can lead to more expenditure. Many a times, companies are not satisfied with the work of low budget companies and thus they had to rebook some other company in order to redo the work. Remember that ultimately it is the quality of work that is going to reap profits for you in the future. So do plan your budget but do not tread miserly.

Finding Love Through Mobile Apps

            Can you really find your love through mobile apps? Apps such as Tinder are often sought to find the perfect match for the individual hunting for a mate. However, countless folks question the effectiveness of these searches. Tinder allows its users to create a profile and find interesting people in the area, including every city in the world. Then, users can anonymously view each profile and mark those they find likable and so, couples are brought together from different backgrounds and walks of life. Mobile apps for dating are not what people truly need to find genuine love.

Technology has brought a large amount of changes to lifestyles and has even altered the traditional dating landscape in terms of encouraging online dating sites. However, there is no replacement for the real human interaction that brings a twosome together. Meeting someone at a social event, through mutual friends, or getting along with co-workers are all better ways and chances to be introduced to a special person. Dating sites often have predators who can lure people into webs of scams or other trouble, yet it is a worthy last resort if you are feeling the pressures of being alone or if you are in desperate need of a partner.

The key to utilizing a mobile dating app is being cautious, attentive, and smart by using logic. Do not fall for a mere profile; some will make up incredulous stories to receive money, including their constant refusal to meet you. These situations are better dealt when an individual has a clear head and keeps their feelings in check, at least until you are introduced and get to know the person. Spending time with an individual is the best way to build trust and a reliable relationship. Otherwise, deceit will have a chance of emerging, especially in a long distance relationship.

Another large detail that goes deep in online dating is that individuals are subconsciously seeking a face rather than a person. They look for people with looks instead of finding somebody with a priceless personality that they can love and trust, especially for a long term relationship. This is an issue that creates a mental judgment in apps like Tinder, a way of deciding who is “hot or not,” as some call it. Figure out what really matters to you; character or appearances. That will help you decide whether to be involved with mobile dating apps or find a person on your own terms.

Geo-location tracking apps are acting upon people privacy

Security and privacy have undergone many changes over years. With the advent of the latest technologies, arise new dangers. The embellish capabilities of GPS and Smartphone having GPS facilities, management of security and privacy have become an engaging job.

Geo-location tracking apps are gaining strong footing on the platform of social networking. Services like providing personalised suggestions on what to do in whatever place you are by companies like FourSquare, BrightKite and Gowalla increase the risks to both of your online and offline privacy. Unless the vagueness surrounding the protection of location privacy is fixed up, you should be careful about the data type you are sharing with online friends. Geo-location hi- tech can affect the online privacy of people in a number of ways.

How Geo-location apps affect people privacy?

  • The apps which share location info can be easily accessed. Occasional users, who check in very rare, the targets of the hackers verge upon your e-privacy. It is due to this reason that the users of social networking sites should cull their friend list small including only the active users.
  • The public forums are more prone to hackers. The posting of everyday schedule like ‘Going out with friends’ on public forums open the doors to the hackers giving them a lot of personal information about you. Once the hackers get your personal information, they can easily look into your online location with the help of geo-location tracking apps.
  • Use of location-based support system enables the hackers to act upon your privacy easily. Updating of status like ‘Taken leave for family outing for 15 days’ alarms the thieves to do away with all your assets as they will get enough time to accomplish their plan. To keep yourself away from such unhappy occurrences, you should avoid to post about long absences from your hometown on social networking sites.
  • Geo-location tracking apps can easily locate the physical address of a person within minutes. People finder services such as People Smart and Spokeo which contain your personal info gives out all your details to the burglars, thus endangering your existence. So, you should remove every info displayed on those sites as soon as possible.
  • A consumer electronic gadget like a new camera can accumulate GPS data of an individual and can easily find out his location and can add all his private information to a photograph. This process is known as geo tagging. According to a statement submitted by Kroll Advisory Solutions, the geo location tracking apps have managed to capture an associate of a hacking group known as CabinCrw3 when that member of the group sent a provocative photo of his fiancée holding a letter mocking at the FBI. The federal investigation bureau then reassessed EXIF-encoded Global Positioning System matching up the image, which corresponded with the fiancée’s house.
  • At present people are unaware that they are provided with few protections on their GPS data and they face the risk that all their private information are shared by the third parties such as wireless transporters, operating service provider of the system, system application developer etc. They all can breach a customer’s privacy by accessing to the customers private information.
  • Consumers should not divulge or share any of their bank details as malware coding scammers can take advantage of all the details and accomplish their plan easily. The scammers use geo location data of the customers and tap their emails by making it look genuine. This kind of fraudulent activity violates people’s privacy and makes their life miserable. Also the scammers are misusing modern technology like geo location apps. This scam has plagued many European countries and the Federal Investigation Bureau has also warned the customers regarding it. They have asked them not to reveal any financial or banking information.
  • Consumers are not aware that the advertisers for facilitating their profits in their business are closely monitoring and keeping a close eye on their activities in the internet. The advertisers are constantly using geo location apps to find out what they prefer like which television model they are intending to buy by reading online reviews, consumer statements and other researches on the social media. As soon as he walks into the shop to buy his favourite product he gets a push notice from his apps, to inform him that he can buy his favourite television model for a lesser cost at a store he had shopped or visited before. This can be strange for customers who don’t realize why their mobile phones and computers are informing them about the offers about the exact goods they have made enquiries about online.

Therefore, geo location apps are violating our privacy in many ways which is beyond our imagination. The article will make us aware how our lives are getting affected with the advent of new technologies such as geo location app.