Support Desk for Enterprise Apps

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With ever growing Mobile devices and growth of Mobile Software services, there comes the next challenge, post migrating to Enterprise apps in mobiles. Applications post development, tends to start developing bugs as well as need service requirements. In such scenarios companies start considering for service desk, or what we call Support for apps. Let’s talk about service desk.

What is Service Desk/ Support Desk?

A Service Desk, understands that information offers companies strategic advantages and it ensures proper mechanisms are in place for the data to be analyzed, produced and distributed seamlessly. The best Service Desks manage information delivery by utilizing Information ITinfrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices to deliver these services. The Service Desk is the first contact in an organization for any and all IT questions.
Enterprise Service Desk is the Nerve-Center for Business IT, which plays a critical role in ensuring reliability, availability and continuity of IT services rather than just logging and resolving end-user issues. Our Service Desk operations are delivered through a consistent set of tools and processes providing efficient and cost effective IT Services to our customers.
Following are the Service/Support component that is generally considered.
1) Self Help: The users are generally provided with Application Documentation which clearly states how a job must be performed. Suppose an employee wishes to book a resource, and fails to understand the app working, all he need to do is read the application user documentation and start working. Some organizations provide self-help docs like FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which are very much user interactive and performs as a document on user stand point.

2) First & Second Level support: The organization who have employed the software / mobile app will employ engineers to deal with all software related queries which we can call First Level Support. If some queries are unanswered by the engineers employed by the organization, then the vendor is asked to provide support for the same, this is what we call Second Level Support. It also provides support for logging, tracking, Resolution and reporting of help desk incidents and service requests. These activities are associated with restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the adverse impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.

3) Service Request Management: It encompasses all the activities starting from accepting and logging of a service request to request prioritization, request fulfillment and subsequent closure. Service Request Management is an integral part of Service Helpdesk and comes under major considerations as we need to track service requests. “Consider an employee asking for a service and the request is not provided with a solution”. If no tracking is made, then there is no process of remembering the service requirement at all.

Apps for Service Desk/Support Desk:
Applications for mobile devices are cropping up which deals with Support Desk issue for mobile software. These applications deal with all the functionalities of an IT Service desk in a small interactive design interface.
Let’s have a look at prominent app functionalities that is possible for a Support Desk App.
1) User Management: For users who are already logged in and have an Enterprise account for accessing the app functionalities, i.e. file for support request.
2) Job pooling / queue: This functionality can be provided for application JOBS pooling or queuing the service requests.
3) Status View: For inquiring about the status of the Service request.
4) Escalation: Escalating Service requests for faster processing.
5) Ticket Management: For management of job tickets, whether they need to be kept, deleted or perhaps escalated.
6) Responsible: For the service desk person details, details about the job handler and rectifier.
7) Live Chat Software: For real time issue resolutions, Apps can include online real time issue management and talk with a Customer Service representative. This way the user can make the Support staff understand the problem more interactively. This is way better than single one-liner issues, which are ambiguous in nature.
Support apps are not necessarily meant only for End-users. For support staff who needs to pool jobs or are required to handle demanding queries which can be raised/handled during non-office hoursyou can provide an app which would be receiving all User queries and can be replied from a Mobile Device. Obviously majority of the functionality would not be accessible from a Mobile device and needs to be done from a Desktop PC, however the minor and more important ones can be viewed and some can be solved without a Desktop PC.

Why Should Organizations, who deals with Products, provide Mobile Service Desk solutions:

Companies spend millions on advertising for one obvious reason, creating sales, increasing customer and thus revenue. But the problem comes up when the product fails and customers are dissatisfied with your product. It has been found out that apart from gaining new markets and increasing number of new customers, the organization should also respect its old customers. We will talk about what major reasons affect customer behavior and how it can help the organization.

The Value of Customer Experience- Some Interesting Facts:


To see what customer says about a bad experience:

Though significantly more money is spent on Advertising of a Product than a proper customer service, it have been found out that the most compelling thing for a customer is word of mouth. A study shows that word-of-mouth recommendations from customers with good experiences are more influential than ads.

Why is Customer Service Apps Important?

The lifeline of any business is its customers, because without them, the product or service remains unsold, production expenses remain unpaid and the pockets of those who should profit from it remain empty.

Common Reasons

When one is in the receiving end, you always feel like you want to be given the best, to be treated well and with respect, and to get the right value for your money. You have the money that they need, and with that comes the power to be treated and served right. That’s mostly what every customer feels. So when they think that an employee or a business treats them for less than how they should be treated, they know they can easily go and find a better service.

Difference and how it helps

“The difference between getting that sale and losing it to the next competitor”. There are times when you and your competitor sell practically the same excellent product or service, at nearly the same price. So, what makes the customer decide on the product then, it’s Excellent Customer Service.

When a business owner and employees treat customers well, make them feel special, and manage to convince them that they offer the best value for their money, they are most likely to get that sale. When business sells something similar to another competitor, but serve customers better, they are most likely to get a satisfied and loyal customer. And for the record, loyal and satisfied customers have been known to come back, and bring even more customers and sale with them.

Statistics and Profitability

Why is customer service important? It is, because statistics says so. An article published in 2007 reported results from the US News and World Report. According to this report, the averageAmerican business loses 82% of its customers because of matters pertaining to customer service. The same report revealed that the Harvard Business Review found out that if a business can avoid losing 5% of its customers, the bottom line profit can increase by 25-95%. Customer service is important, because the amount of profit that a business earns depends much on it.

Gaining one new client costs the same as keeping 5 regular existing clients
According to a Business Case Study published on The Times 100, gaining one new client costs the same as keeping 5 regular and existing customers happy. It is so evident that a business with high quality customer service is more likely to keep up the profits and even increase it, than one without. Instead of spending much on reeling in new customers, use that money to keep regular customers happy and earn 5 times more!

Effective & Free Advertising

Most people will use services recommended and avoid services for which they have heard bad reputations. The most effective way of gaining that popularity and having those mouths mentioning business, is by excellent customer service. When customers are treated right, they spread the word. That in itself is free and effective advertising.

In a nutshell, we can conclude by saying, Customer satisfaction is not just by gaining them, but rather maintaining the old loyal customers and how it can be done is by Service Desk. A perfect customer service will ensure a much better client retention and re-business from the same client. A client who gets excellent customer support will definitely come back because of the trust of the same support. Humans have a behavior of resisting the change, as change is the feeling of uneasiness or insecurity of service from other organizations. People resists change and so providing them a reason to seek for the same is also not advisable.

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