Geo-location tracking apps are acting upon people privacy

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Security and privacy have undergone many changes over years. With the advent of the latest technologies, arise new dangers. The embellish capabilities of GPS and Smartphone having GPS facilities, management of security and privacy have become an engaging job.

Geo-location tracking apps are gaining strong footing on the platform of social networking. Services like providing personalised suggestions on what to do in whatever place you are by companies like FourSquare, BrightKite and Gowalla increase the risks to both of your online and offline privacy. Unless the vagueness surrounding the protection of location privacy is fixed up, you should be careful about the data type you are sharing with online friends. Geo-location hi- tech can affect the online privacy of people in a number of ways.

How Geo-location apps affect people privacy?

  • The apps which share location info can be easily accessed. Occasional users, who check in very rare, the targets of the hackers verge upon your e-privacy. It is due to this reason that the users of social networking sites should cull their friend list small including only the active users.
  • The public forums are more prone to hackers. The posting of everyday schedule like ‘Going out with friends’ on public forums open the doors to the hackers giving them a lot of personal information about you. Once the hackers get your personal information, they can easily look into your online location with the help of geo-location tracking apps.
  • Use of location-based support system enables the hackers to act upon your privacy easily. Updating of status like ‘Taken leave for family outing for 15 days’ alarms the thieves to do away with all your assets as they will get enough time to accomplish their plan. To keep yourself away from such unhappy occurrences, you should avoid to post about long absences from your hometown on social networking sites.
  • Geo-location tracking apps can easily locate the physical address of a person within minutes. People finder services such as People Smart and Spokeo which contain your personal info gives out all your details to the burglars, thus endangering your existence. So, you should remove every info displayed on those sites as soon as possible.
  • A consumer electronic gadget like a new camera can accumulate GPS data of an individual and can easily find out his location and can add all his private information to a photograph. This process is known as geo tagging. According to a statement submitted by Kroll Advisory Solutions, the geo location tracking apps have managed to capture an associate of a hacking group known as CabinCrw3 when that member of the group sent a provocative photo of his fiancée holding a letter mocking at the FBI. The federal investigation bureau then reassessed EXIF-encoded Global Positioning System matching up the image, which corresponded with the fiancée’s house.
  • At present people are unaware that they are provided with few protections on their GPS data and they face the risk that all their private information are shared by the third parties such as wireless transporters, operating service provider of the system, system application developer etc. They all can breach a customer’s privacy by accessing to the customers private information.
  • Consumers should not divulge or share any of their bank details as malware coding scammers can take advantage of all the details and accomplish their plan easily. The scammers use geo location data of the customers and tap their emails by making it look genuine. This kind of fraudulent activity violates people’s privacy and makes their life miserable. Also the scammers are misusing modern technology like geo location apps. This scam has plagued many European countries and the Federal Investigation Bureau has also warned the customers regarding it. They have asked them not to reveal any financial or banking information.
  • Consumers are not aware that the advertisers for facilitating their profits in their business are closely monitoring and keeping a close eye on their activities in the internet. The advertisers are constantly using geo location apps to find out what they prefer like which television model they are intending to buy by reading online reviews, consumer statements and other researches on the social media. As soon as he walks into the shop to buy his favourite product he gets a push notice from his apps, to inform him that he can buy his favourite television model for a lesser cost at a store he had shopped or visited before. This can be strange for customers who don’t realize why their mobile phones and computers are informing them about the offers about the exact goods they have made enquiries about online.

Therefore, geo location apps are violating our privacy in many ways which is beyond our imagination. The article will make us aware how our lives are getting affected with the advent of new technologies such as geo location app.

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