Increase Creativity in Your Business by Applying Top Ten Mobile Apps

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Business area is all about gaining knowledge and developing, however effective participation is significant to reap the production. Recognizing and solving the problems that arise inside and outside the company is the primary step to augment the productivity of any kind of trade. If you want to return your business back to track, take the top rated enterprise mobile apps of 2014 into consideration and escalate your company to the top most rank.

Overview of Mobile App

A mobile app is software specially constructed to run on the mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones. Generally, the customers can avail it via application distribution program. Earlier, the mobile apps were employed for general productivity and data retrieval purposes. Nevertheless, nowadays, majority of the executives use mobile apps for boosting their trade efficiency. In most of the business management guides, exploitation of mobile application software becomes a vital point of the marketing strategy. Some of the famous mobile app service providers are Blackberry App World, Windows Phone Store, Google Play, App Store and so on. Here in the following discussion, the readers will come to know about the widely used enterprise mobile apps in the year 2014.

Top Ten Mobile Application Software of 2014

  1. Timesheet mobile app is specially designed for commercial use. It is one of the best IOS mobile apps to track the work time and the GPS location of their mobile personnel correctly. This cloud based time sheet application has the ability to incorporate with the backend ERP systems. It can be widely used by the executives, consultants, service technicians, sales workers, technology experts etc.
  2. Travel Expense is one of the renowned SAP mobile apps that help the business owners to create the travel expense report easily. This cloud based travel expense application has the capability to run on various mobile platforms like Windows, Blackberry, Android, IOS etc. This business app helps in enforcing the limits and controls of company’s expenditure. It is facilitated to the businessmen with the feature of fluid screen.
  3. Corporate current is one of the preeminent mobile cloud apps that especially run on android and IOS devices. This enterprise mobile app helps in storing data safely in the cloud allowing the personnel to tag their co-workers and find by tag. It facilitates the traders to announce their corporate news to their targeted clients.
  4. Leave request is one of the finest IOS mobile apps that are specifically used by the workers and the managers of any plant or factory. The employees can simply use this enterprise app by logging their time and make a leave request. It assists the personnel to view the team leave calendar of their company.
  5. Facility Reservation is one of the preeminent enterprise apps that run in IOS and Android mobile platforms. It is a cloud based business employee listing application, that saves time in finding out reserve services. This application program can be employed for various types of facilities such as corporate vehicles, tables in company cafeteria, gymnasium devices and many more.
  6. Survey is one of the best mobile cloud apps used in tracking the development of surveys. It has the capability to produce multifaceted surveys with set of laws. This business mobile application software manages the review of personnel, service devices, punters, brands and commodities. It automatically shows the scores of the survey providing electronic support to investigate the queries.
  7. Lead Capture falls under the list of the top rated android mobile apps which helps the entrepreneurs to grasp the lead. It speedily makes lead by scanning the business cards and the badges of the visitor. Furthermore, this mobile application software can be integrated with the backend ERP system of the clients. It is most widely employed by the sales managers for searching the lead.
  8. Enterprise Contracts is one of the preeminent android mobile apps which have the capability to capture the details of the mobile phone conversation. It helps in finding out the details of business contacts and filtering the contact list with some specific criterion. It also helps the businessmen to check the social media activities of their companies from a particular interface. This application software is extensively applied by the corporate employees.
  9. Corporate Under Currents is yet another paramount mobile application software which is applied for rating a company informally. This app creates an amusing ambience inside the office by rating the personnel through the symbol of thumbs up and thumbs down. Usually, it runs on android and IOS mobile platforms.
  10. Enterprise Note is again a paramount cloud based mobile application that is used for apprehending the information both in voice and text form. This mobile app has the talent to allocate notes to various business objects for instance service orders, leads, products, demands, accounts etc.

So, if you want to bring your business in the list of the leading companies, apply these above cited mobile apps and experience the outstanding result.

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