Top Ten Fastest Movers In The Mobile App And Ad Market

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Mobile in the last year has been buttoned down to second-rate phones lagging in the capacity of mobile bandwidth. By the end of the year, it moves slowly towards the single-function apps development. With the bloom of mobile ads, the sales of the apps reach the sky. According to the study of Strategy Analytic and PWC, the revenues of 2013 from the ads and Google mobile app stand to $38 billion. This line of the trend is steeply ascending. Can you imagine if it grows at such a rapid rate, then where will the annual revenue stand by 2017? Yes, it is quite difficult to imagine. As per the statement of Digi Capital, an investment bank, the total income from the ads and mobile apps will be at least $70 billion by 2017. Now as you go through the article, you will find out the names of the top ten fastest movers in the enterprise mobile apps and ad markets.

Fastest Movers In The Mobile App

List of The Top Ten Movers In The Mobile App And Ad Market

  • App Annie: – Developers always count on sniffing out the info regarding the ways people use the mobile apps. App Annie stands out in these with the signs of rapid growth and strong revenues in the last year. Do you have any idea of the number of users who use App Annie Analytic? Well, you may be quite surprised to hear that 2, 70,000 developers are using it.
  • Fetch: – It is a mobile ad agency based in London. The company is supposed to take over the annual revenue of 2013 by taking it to $100 million this year. It came in 2009 to play a solid role in the mobile ads. In fact, Fetch has successfully built up a strong platform which works fine.
  • HasOffers: – The employees of HasOffers did a great business of $19 million last year. It has been flourishing since May by getting $9 million from VC Accel Partners.
  • MoPub: – It got in the business of mobile development ads earlier than Facebook and Twitter. At first, Twitter thought of growing its own ad exchange of mobile, but later gave it up by laying down $350 million at hand for MoPub.
  • Whats App: – It has become the strongest rival of Facebook making an yearly revenue above $16 billion in the last year. With more than 450 millions of users, it looks like Facebook is insisting Whats App to take on Apple’s iMessage and Google Hangouts.
  • Adroll: – This Company has brought out the magic of watching ads around the web page of your mobile once you have clicked on it. It has increased the funding from $70 million to $89 million led by Foundation Capital in April.
  • Appsflyer: – AppsFlyer amassed traffic for iOS mobile apps from its designer customers through a big network of 450 apps staging which includes Facebook, Tapjoy and Appnexus. Recently AppsFlyer announced, for ad agencies, a completely new product which has greatly shut off the placements of mobile ads. It takes $7.1 million in March 2013 from Magma Venture Partners and Pitango Venture Capital.
  • Flurry: – At the outset, Flurry started out as an analytics of enterprise mobile apps, but now it is running a network of mobile ad. Its growing customers have helped it to raise the fund amount from $12.5 million to $62.5 million. According to a statement made by the company, 500,000 mobile apps are going to use Flurry’s analytics with the sign up of 20,000 users every month.
  • Kik Messenger:- After going through a big failure in the beginning, Kik Messenger is again coming up on the top list of private messenger developer of app. It gained popularity because of providing snappy platforms to send short photos and messages. The company has also built their own ecosystem of HTML5, known as Kik Cards which is used by 145 million people since its launch in the last year.
  • MyFitnessPal:- It is the health app which has been downloaded for maximum number of times in the App store. It integrated more devices of fitness tracker such as Fitbit. It took $18 million fund in August 2013 which was laid by some unknown high profile VCs. Now, it is looking forward to ways to combine all its data with other android mobile apps, to safely transmit it into the system of healthcare.

No doubt, after going through this article you have come to know about the great names which at present are keeping the other mobile ad companies under the thumb. Hope, they go on providing us with new exciting ads of mobile to launch mobile in a unique ways and newest technologies compelling us to buy that.

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