Are Android and IOS wearable a fashion statement?

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Android and IOS wearable are the newest trend in technology, although the question is are they because of the advancement in technology or because they are the latest fashion trend. Apple has once again outdone themselves as far has having the next biggest thing in technology, but have they overdone it with the different ways to customize the new Apple Watch?

When it comes to technology, everyone seems to want the next big thing, whether it’s the next iPhone, or the next tablet, the newest is always the best, and even if they have a perfectly nice product people are jumping at the chance to throw that one away to buy the product that was just released. Wearables at first may seem as if they were just the next biggest thing in technology, until you could customize the wearable to your everyday life, or your style. For example Apple has created the Apple Watch with customized bands, which can be changed out depending on your mood or outfit.

There is also the option of buying an Apple Watch with a stainless steel band, which seems a bit much if you ask me. Then you have the option of buying a Sport Apple watch which gears towards those health gurus. It could be all about the money, showing off that you have the latest and greatest because well you can afford it. But then it comes back to the customizable part, which goes for all technology, but you don’t change your phone case every day depending on your clothing choices. But you do change your jewelry depending on your outfit, which is what a wearable is, jewelry, something you can try on.

People want easy, fast and simply, something that has functionality, which describes wearable. Wearable are small enough that people’s hands aren’t always consumed with a phone or a monitor while working out, they are fast enough to get the job done, and they are simple in style and looks.

Now health and fitness has become huge in technology, while fit-bits and other fitness bands can monitor your health, sleep habits, etc. People want to have this monitored for them and these bands can do that and also be a part of your style, again with customizable bands, colors, and styles. Wearable aren’t just a trend in technology but they are also a fashion statement. Technology and fashion all in one. What’s next?

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