Are you ready to Mobilize Your Enterprise?

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With the introduction of capable hardware and the accessibility of High Speed Internet in Mobile devices, major changes have crept in the usage pattern. People are moving towards mobility in a much faster pace than it was actually anticipated. Consider the scenario of accessing an application which previously needed a user to sit in a computer with internet capabilities, now accessed within a mobile with internet services. The same functionality without skimping down on features have empowered Mobile device users with the flexibility of working even on the go.IT Strategist of many organizations, big and small are adapting toMobile devices from traditional desktop and laptop. So, let us know why we should go for Mobilization and how it can benefit an organization and its culture.

Why go for Mobilization:

There are countless reasons for organizations to opt for mobility. Mobilization of enterprise applications are not just for appeasing the general masses but rather it increases the productivity of the whole organization many folds. Let’s have a look at ananalysis (Figure 1) of how Mobilization have helped organizations out there.


Let’s discuss about top 5 reasons:
1) Employee productivity is the most influentialfactor when organizations opt for Mobile apps and enterprise apps on mobile devices. This is primarily due to accessibility of enterprise apps on the go. Consider the most influenced employees are those who are constantly on the go and have to do a lot of reporting, like sales professionals.
2) Employee responsiveness is next in line with an employee being able to respond even when not in office, and also on the fact that the employees don’t have to do the tedious process of switching on a computer for responding to a corporate mail, rather than, access from a readily available mobile device.
3) Customer Issues are generally handled much faster owing to the fact that employees are provided with CRM apps in their mobile devices, which can generate reports on the fly and help them resolve customer issues.
4) IT issues are negligible, as an employee who is suffering from a system crash can readily file for a resolution via mobile device.
5) Customer satisfaction depends on many factors including, one as resolution of Customer issues and also if information is provided to customer on the fly, rather than replying that the employee needs to be in office to provide that kind of information.
If we look, the total turnaround time for all process in an organization, is greatly reduced, from Customer to internal processes, every process can be immediately logged and resolved at the earliest.
Let’s have a look at US Target Market.


If we consider an organization, typically employment starts from 25 years onwards and majority of the workforce belongs to the age category of 25 to 45 years. From the chart depicting US smartphone market we can clearly observe that, in this age group salary would be highest for the working people, considering these parameters the percentage of employees who are supposed to have a smartphone is as high as 65 to 70% roughly. So any Enterprise application tailored for them would be largely affected as they will be greatly benefitted and once enterprise apps are rolled out the rest of the numbers will also opt for smartphone or handheld mobile devices.

Mobility Driving Productivity:

Let’s look at what people have to say about mobilization in various countries across the globe (Figure 3).
A full 68% of the executives surveyed, say their personal productivity has improved by at least 20%, thanks to the use of mobile technology (Mobile phones, Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, other handheld devices and applications); while 91% say it has boosted the productivity of their employees substantially. These benefits have manifested themselves most clearly, in easier, faster access to people and reduced “dead time” while traveling, and overall in an improved level of responsiveness within the organization.


It is evident from the survey conducted as to what people want to do in various Target Market. If we talk about APAC (Asia Pacific) a whopping 60% wishes to move to Mobility in their Enterprise which is a very rapid emerging market. For established market the Enterprises are already advanced and hence shows a lesser trend to Mobilization as many companies have already adopted to Mobilization (Figure 4).


All in all, we see that starting from traditional to technologically advanced companies, every organization have seen a rapid shift to mobile and started employing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy which allows user to bring their own Mobile devices to office with limited access to enterprise applications. This not only increases productivity but also enhances employee engagement and collaboration.

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