How are Fitness centers and Gyms embracing mobile apps?

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The technology of today’s generation is consistently magnifying, and as the technology becomes smarter, fitness facilities must find ways to grow and adapt with it. In other words, fitness facilities need to find ways to market their facilities and compete against mobile apps that have created ways for people to monitor their health without actually going to a fitness facility.

Some ways that fitness facilities have embraced mobile apps is by scheduling. These scheduling apps allow for their members to log in, see what classes are offered at what times, and reserve a spot for the class.

The fitness facility also has the ability to cancel or modify the classes, which then will alert those who have reserved a spot already. These types of apps makes it easy and convenient for the working health guru, so they don’t have to make time out of their busy day to call the facility, to check on classes, or sit at a computer and search. Other facilities have the ability to take payments through apps, therefore, there is no need to send out monthly reminders or emails, but having the app take care of all payments and reminders.

Wodify, which is a performance tracking app, allows for members of specific Crossfit boxes to see what the workouts will be for that day and also to log their results, which results in a ranking form of those who have worked out for that day. Wodify also allows for members to personalize their accounts with pictures, social sharing, and “like” buttons, which resembles the one Facebook has.

These types of apps have made working out much more fun and interactive allowing people to get more involved in health and fitness all together. Many facilities have also used these fitness apps to market what they have to offer. With social sharing, members of a gym or facility can now check into their gym while they are there, which then posts a notification on their social network of choice. This allows for all friends through this social site to be aware of the facility, and create a place to gain more members.

Although, many apps are free, which follow the activity of the app user and alerts them when they are not moving enough, or when they haven’t logged a workout, and gives them the benefit of not having to go to the gym everyday but to do daily activities at home. This may have increased people to be more active but may have forced gym owners to update their technology uses as well, which in the end has helped fitness facilities appeal to a more technologically savvy person again creating more accounts for the facilities.

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