App Benefits

  • Enables the admin of a company to manage all the users, their subscriptions to all the apps of Enterprise Mobile App Room from this app while on the go.

  • Ability to manage users while on the move enables prompt support to app users in the company.

  • Details of Users readily available in the interface.

  • Control Apps and Apps statuses for every user of any app in the Enterprise Mobile App Room.

  • Cloud Based Secured Platform

  • Install and Configure within Hours

  • Absolutely low learning curve for Operations/Administrator.

App Features

General Features

  • View all the registered users of the company for any app of Enterprise Mobile App Room.
  • View Details of Users and their Subscriptions to apps.
  • Admin can subscribe registered users to various apps using this admin app
  • Administrator can changethe User status for a specific App, observe Last Login Time, App Validity directly from the interface.
  • The device registered under every user can be viewed to keep note of the devices in use by the employees in an organization. Admin can register new devices and update details of registered devices.
  • Data securely stored in the cloud
  • Works in both iOS & Android Mobile phone / tablets

Who will use

1. Corporate Administrators for Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Mobile App Room.


General FAQ

1. How do I get access to the new mobile App?

You can get access to the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

2. Why is NCRTS offering this mobile App?

NCRTS has developed this app for the convenience of the administrators who will support the users of various apps in the Enterprise Mobile App Room. With this app they can manage the users, lock / unlock users, register devices for the users and enable / disable subscription of the user for various apps in the Enterprise Mobile App Room.

3. Who will use this app?

This app will primarily be used by Corporate Administrators.

4. Which devices and OS does the app work on?

It will work on any iOS and Android devices both in mobile phone and Tablet form factor. The app is designed for iOS 5.0 and higher and Android 4.0 and higher. It will work well on Iphone 4, Iphone 4S, Iphone 5 and above. It will work in Ipad Mini, Ipad 2 + and also in Ipad 3 with Retina display. In android devices it will work on devices with screen sizes ranging from 3.5" to 11".

5. What are the benefits of this Mobile App?

Benefits of this app include: Details of all registered users using any apps in the Enterprise Mobile App Room are readily available in the interface, Apps and App statuses for every user can be controlled easily within the system, User devices can be registered and managed. This app has a very low learning curve for company app administrators.

6. Is there any restriction with the email id or passwords that can be used for logging in to the app?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, the corporate administrator from your organization can define the restrictions on the email ids and the passwords which can be used. Your administrator can restrict login with only the corporate email id and can also put certain restrictions on the minimum number of characters for the password field, what special characters the password needs to contain etc.

7. Can I use this application from any device of my choice?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, your corporate administrator can control whether the app can be accessed from any device or only from registered devices. If the app is restricted to be used from only registered devices then the administrator can control up to how many maximum devices can be registered for each registered user.

8. From where can I download the new App?

You can download the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

9. How much does it cost to purchase the new App?

You can buy this application individually or as part of the NCRTS Enterprise app suite. Pricing depends on the no of users, the length of the subscription and if the app is purchased in isolation or as part of our app suite. Please contact our sales team at + 1 609 945 9281 to know more or email

10. How can I report an issue with the app?

We have 24 X 7 customer service. You can also register an Issue with our website. We also have a Chat support (in our website) and email

Application Login

1. How do I know my login credentials the first time?

You will use the same login credentials as you use for logging into the web based company admin panel.

Manage Users:

1. How can I view the list of employees working in my organization?

Once you login to the app, you will come to the landing page where you will see the registered users (of any mobile app in the Enterprise Mobile App Room) being listed.

2. How can I search for a particular employee using his/her name?

Login ->Landing Page -> Navigate to search field and enter the name of the employee. This will list the employees with matching name.

3. How can I view the details of a particular employee?

This can be done in two ways. Login -> Home Page -> Scroll and locate the employee among the list of employees and click on the name to see the details of the employee. Login -> Home Page -> Search the employee by name in the search box, find the employee and click on the name to see the details of the employee.

4. Can I make a call to the employee from the employee details screen?

This is a very user friendly and interactive application. To make a call, just click on the telephone number of the user from user details window. Please note, the device must have the capability to make a phone call. Standard phone charges as applied by your phone service company may apply.

5. Can I send a mail to the user from the application?

Absolutely yes, simply click on the user details page and subsequently click on the user email ID to send a mail. This will open up the default email editor in the mobile device with the email id defaulted in the email to. Please note, you need to set up your mail client to send a mail to the user.

App Functionality:

1. How can I register a new user for an app in the Enterprise Mobile App Room?

2. How do I know the no of users subscribed to a particular app?

3. How can I unlock a user who has got locked?

4. How can I view the apps the user has been subscribed to?

5. How can I view the apps for which the company has subscription to but the user is not subscribed?

6. How do I know what New Apps have been launched by NCRTS and we can start using as part of our subscription package?

7. How can I manage / update the device details of a specific user?

8. How can I register a new device for a user?


1. Can I share the Application over social media?

We can share the link for the app over social media, where your friends would be able to know about the application and then subsequently join the application. This is now an Enterprise application available to the employees of the organization you are working for. You can do this by clicking on the share icon from any page and then click on any valid option to share with social media.

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