Capture Lead

App Benefits

  • Cloud based application to capture leads.
  • Runs on most mobile platform like IOS, Android.
  • Capture Lead on the go.
  • Quickly create leads by scanning visitor badges, business cards.
  • Supplement Lead info at point of lead generation.
  • Capture actions taken during the Lead interaction.
  • Plan for actions in the future.
  • Can be integrated with your backend ERP systems.

App Features

General Features
  • Enter Leads with effortless ease through your hand held mobile devices.
  • Works perfectly in your smart phone as well as your tablets.
  • Works in IOS & Android devices both in mobile phone / tablets.
  • Data securely stored in the cloud.
  • Access your leads anytime, anywhere.
  • Users can maintain user defaults for various fields for quick data entry.
Common Functionalities
User Registration
  • Company admin will register users for the company.
  • Users can set default values for certain fields in the app for quick creation of leads..
  • Automatic input of certain fields in the application reduces data entry time. Set defaults once and use every time to reduce effort.
Create Lead
  • Create leads by scanning badges of visitors to your booth, demo counter.
  • Create leads by scanning business cards of your prospects.
  • Creation of new accounts, new account-contact persons and validation of existing accounts and contacts.
  • Supplement Lead info by characterizing leads, qualifying lead and capturing lead info.
  • Add product category related information indicating the interest areas of the lead.
List Leads
  • Clear view of the leads captured during a trade fair, exhibition, conference etc.
  • Search lead captured by various criteria like lead qualifications, Priority, Lead / Prospect name, Product categories etc.
  • Update lead information on the go.
Lead Actions
  • Capture actions taken during interaction with a lead.
  • Plan next steps for a lead.
Admin Controls
  • Define company specific administrative controls to customize the application as per your business needs.
  • Define campaigns and tracks leads generated during a campaign like a Conference exhibition booth, Trade shows etc..
  • Track leads captured by various employees and process Leads according to various criteria.

Who will use

  • 1 Sales executives on the hunt for leads
  • 2Corporate participants in conferences, trade shows, exhibitions etc.
  • 3The app can be used by anyone who needs to quickly capture account information, contact person information.

Screen Shots

Capture lead mobile app

What You're Getting

  • Free Feature Updates New features adds to the app come free to you. No headaches, no development to do.
  • Free Technical Support Peace of mind ! No technical issues to resolve !
  • Flexible Subscription Options You can subscribe monthly, for 1 year or for 2 year with option to renew. Lock your price for longer duration and save big!
  • Secured App Running on Google Cloud Platform Your data is secured in Google cloud platform. 100% data is encrypted. Data is transmitted using https protocol. No data is stored in the device.
  • Global Admin - Manage users Manage your enterprise users, subscriptions for all apps in the Enterprise Mobile App Room using our Global Admin panel. Manage your users on the go with our complimentary Admin mobile app.
  • App Admin - to Configure AppConfigure apps to your business needs using our app admin panel.


How do I get access to the new mobile App?

You can get access to the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

Why is NCRTS offering this mobile App?

NCR Technosolutions (NCRTS) believes that every organization likes to provide a quick and easy way for their employees on the move to be able to log the travel expenses along with receipts and submit for approval. Organizations also expect quick approval processing of the submitted expense sheets. The Travel expense app does exactly that and much more. Check the Travel expense app Business Benefits to understand the set of business benefits and the full set of features the app provides.

Who will use this app?

Professionals working in any organization who travel for business reasons or normal people who want to log and track their expenses. Business users will typically include corporate users like Information Technology professionals, Sales personnel, Service Technicians, Consultants, Retail workers, Executives or workers in plant / warehouses / factories, Students in high schools, colleges etc.

Which devices and OS does the app work on?

It will work on any IOS, Android, Windows Mobile devices both in mobile phone and Tablet form factor. The app is designed for IOS 5.0 and higher and Android 4.0 and higher. It will work well on Iphone 4, Iphone 4S, Iphone 5 and above. It will work in Ipad Mini, Ipad 2 + and also in Ipad 3 with Retina display. In android devices it will work on devices with sizes ranging from 3.5" to 10.6".

What are the benefits of this Mobile App?

Following are the benefits of this App, a. Cloud based mobile application for Travel expenses. b. Runs on IOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. c. Easy to use, intuitive application. d. One App designed for Business, personal and group travel. e. Designed with inputs from real life heavy duty business trip and personal trip travelers. f. Enforce corporate travel expense policy and controls. g. Corporate administrator control for business travel users.

Where is the corporate employee data stored?

The corporate employee data are stored securely in cloud database. You can deploy the app in your own private cloud or within your company firewalls. The app doesn't store any data in the mobile device.

Is there any restriction with the email id or passwords that can be used for loging in to the app?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, the corporate administrator from your organization can define the restrictions on the email ids and the passwords which can be used. Your administrator can restrict login with only the corporate email id and can also put certain restrictions on the minimum no of characters the password have to be, what special characters the password needs to contain etc.

Can I use this application from any device of my choice?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, your corporate administrator can control whether the app can be accessed from any device or only from registered devices. If the app is restricted to be used from only registered devices then the administrator can control up to how many maximum devices can be registered for each registered user.

Can I login from multiple devices at the same time?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, you will be automatically logged out from the device where in you had logged in earlier. This will notify the user if someone unauthorized is attempting to use the app from any other device.

Where can I download the new App?

: You can download the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

How much does it cost to purchase the new App?

You can buy this application individually or as part of the NCRTS Enterprise app suite. Pricing depends on the no of users, the length of the subscription and if the app is purchased in isolation or as part of our app suite. Please contact our sales team at + 1 609 945 9281 to know more or email at

Does NCRTS's mobile app comply with federal guidelines relating to ADA, 508compliance?


How can I report an issue with the app?

We have 24 X 7 customer service. You can also register an Issue with our website. We also have a Chat support and email support.

Is this application configurable by the administrator?

Yes the application has been developer in such a way that the enterprise administrator in your organization can customize it and adapt it for your organization without any coding effort. There can be one or more no of administrators for the application from a company.

How can a corporate employee register for this application?

A corporate user can register for this application in two ways: a. Self register from the app and provide user logon to the corporate administrator to include the user as a company registered user. b. The corporate administrator can register an employee as a user of the app and provide the login credentials.

How can I reset my password?

In the login screen, there is an option of tapping on "Forgot password". You have to enter your registered email id and then an email will be send to your registered email id with a link to reset the password corresponding to the user associated with that specific registered email id.

How can I create a Travel expense report

First login to the application with your user id and password. Upon successful login you will come to the Home screen where you will be presented with 4 options: Create Expense View Expense Member Expense Approve Expense Click on Create expense and you will be presented with a form to enter the expense report. Select Trip Type, Trip start date, Trip End date, Project Name and Client Name and then save. Tap on "Add Expenses" to add expenses. Now you will be presented a form to enter specific expenses for the date selected in the calendar at the top of the screen. (You can only select a date which is within the Trip start and end date). You can add expenses by specifying the expense type, the $ amount, if the expense if billable, if expense is reimbursable or company paid and if the expense is a shared expense. You can add receipts pertaining to that expense type. You can also add notes for the expense and then save. In the same manner you can add more expenses for the same date and expenses for the various dates within the trip start and end date. Finally you can save the expense sheet. You can return to the home screen by clicking on the home icon from any screen. You can then review the expense sheet / report by clicking on Period View to see a summary of the expenses by day. You can click on the day view for any day and view the expenses entered for that specific day. Finally after reviewing the expense sheet you can return to the View expense list and submit the same by clicking on the submit button.

I am filing for Expense report, what information do I need to fill in?

For first time users while filling the details for your Expense Report, you need to provide details like: Trip Type: It's the nature of your travel, whether it's a personal, business travel. Period From: Start of your Journey Period To: Return date to your base location Project Name: The project for which you needed to travel Client Name: The client on whose behalf the travel was done.

How can I add an expense to the expense report?

: If you are in the Create expense Overview screen, you can tap on "Add expenses" and you will be presented a screen, where you need to fill up the particulars of individual expenses for a particular day. You can select the date for which you want to enter the expense by selecting the date from the calendar towards the top of the screen. Please fill up the type of expense incurred, and the amount of money expensed. Select whether the Expensed amount is Billable to the company, or Reimbursable or Company Paid. Upload any receipts that are available for the Expense incurred, finally press save to save your expense details.

Can I add more than one Expense item in a day?

Yes, you can add more than one expense items in a day. Login -> Create Expense -> Add Expense -> Add Item

Can I enter expenses for a date outside of the expense trip dates?

To enter the expense for a specific date, please follow the path Login -> Create Expense -> Add Expense -> Add Item, Select the required date from the Top Date Panel. Note , the dates other than the mentioned dates in the Expense Report are disabled. Hence you cannot enter expense for any date outside of the Travel dates.

How can I add a receipt to the Expenses Reports?

While inserting the details for the items in the Expense report, click on the receipt field to add receipts to the items. You can add a receipt by taking a picture with the camera of the mobile device or add a previously taken picture of your receipts. Receipts are visible along with the expense types in day view screen or in the Edit Expense screen and can be viewed by the user submitting the expense report as the Approver. You can also view the receipts by tapping on "View Receipts" button / icon in the Add expense or Edit Expense screen of the application.

How can I set an Expense in an expense trip as non billable to client?

While adding item on the Expense Report or while editing the expense, click on the Billable field checkbox to uncheck it. Note: Any item marked as Billable (check box checked), will be reimbursed by the Company & Vice versa.

How can I view the Expense reports created with respect to the time period?

We can view the details of an expense report by clicking on the Period View button. This shows you the details with respect to a single report for which the period is already set. Follow the steps as mentioned: Create Expense -> Add Expense -> Period View. In period view, you will see the total expensed for each day of the trip. You can further tap in the "View day" for any day to see the details of the expenses logged for the specific day.

How can I view the Expense receipts attached to an expense item?


How can I quickly view the expense reports with respect to the status of submission?

To view the list of expenses report filed with respect to the status of submission please Follow the steps: Login > Home screen> Tap on "List Expense". On the screen listing the expense reports, tap on "By Status" to filter the list of expenses by the status of the submission. In each of the listed expense reports the status of the expense report is clearly visible.

How to view my Expenses reports submitted within a time frame?

To view the list of expenses report filed with respect to the status of submission please Follow the steps: Login > Home screen> Tap on "List Expense". On the screen listing the expense reports, tap on "By Period" to filter the list of expenses. In each of the listed expense reports the status of the expense report is clearly visible. By default the last 3 expense sheets will be shown.

How can I quickly view the expenses entered for a specific date?

From the screen "View Expenses" you can click on "Period View" icon against the specific expense report to go to the Period View screen (which gives the total expenses by days). Tap on "View day" against a specific date and you will come to the "Day View" screen where you will see all the expenses captured for the specific day listed.

How to approve the Expenses Reports submitted to me?

To approve the expense report the manager must follow the steps below . Login -> Home screen > Select Approve Expenses. You will come to a screen with a list of expenses submitted by employees for whom you are the approving manager. Select the expense report by clicking on the checkbox next to the expense report and click on -> Approve or Reject or Resubmit. You will get a pop up to enter approval notes and then submit the expense sheet. This action will either approve or reject the expense report or will ask the employee to make some corrections to the expense report and then resubmit.

How to request a resubmission of the Expenses Reports?

To ask the employee to resubmit an expense report after the necessary corrections, the approver must follow the navigation below. Login -> Home screen > Tap on "Approve Expenses". You will come to a screen with a list of expenses submitted by employees for whom you are the approving manager. Select the expense report by clicking on the checkbox next to the expense report and click on "Resubmit". You will get a pop up to enter approval notes and then submit the expense sheet. This action will ask the employee to make some corrections to the expense report and then resubmit.

How to Reject the Expenses Reports submitted to me?

Just follow the mentioned steps: Click on Approve Expense -> Select the Expense report you wish to send for Reject -> Click on Reject button.

How can I edit an expense report already submitted?

Already submitted reports can be edited till it is approved or rejected. For editing submitted report, follow the steps: If the expense report has been approved or rejected by the manager the same can't be edited. If the manager hasn't yet approved or rejected or has send back the expense report for Resubmission, the same can be edited. Click on List Expense -> Search for the Report you wish to edit -> Click on Edit. This will let you edit the Travel expense report. You can click on add item and in the screen that follows you can select the date and the expense item and click on edit to edit the specific expense item. You also add new expense to the Travel expense report. Note: Reports already approved or rejected cannot be modified under any circumstances.

In what situation do we prepare group travel expense reports?

In many trips employees travel in groups and share expenses during dinner, lunch, Taxi etc. In such a situation it becomes important to keep a tab on who is paying for which expense on behalf of the others. In the group travel expense report, you can add members who are part of the trip and hence eligible to add expense items to the expense report. This facilitates each tracking of the member's expense payments.

How to add members to the Group travel expense report?

If the trip type if "Group Trip" then, we can add members while creating a report. The add member option is only enabled for group trips. In the Create Expense screen, tap on "Add member" field, and you would be on the Add member screen. In this screen you will see the member already belonging to the expense sheet in the list with a "Check" mark against them. You can search for members by email or names to list the members. You can check the members you want to add to the Expense Report. Select the members who wish to share the expenses with, and then tap on the Add Expense button. This will add the selected members to the Travel expense report and will be visible in the Create Travel Expense screen.

Can I remove members once added to the group travel expense report?

You can remove members from a travel expense report. However this is only possible if there are no expense items submitted by the member in that expense report.

What is "Member View" in the home screen of the application?

Member View is one of the options a user of the application can tap in the home screen. Member view is applicable only for Group trips. In the Member View page you will see a listing of the Group trip where the member is the creator of the expense report or is one of the members of the expense report. The Member view of the expense report shows the amount each member has paid in the trip with an option to drill down to the specific expense items. (It is assumed that the member who paid for the expense trip log the expense item in the expense report).

How to visit the Application Help?

Help can be accessed by simply clicking on the Settings Button and selecting App Help.

Can I share the Application over social media?

We can share the link for the app over social media, where your friends would be able to know about the application and then subsequently join the application. This is now an Enterprise application available to the employees of the organization you are working for. You can do this by clicking on the setting icon from any page and then click on "Share with social media".

How to log out of the Application?

At any point of time, from any screen, you can tap on the Settings icon and selecting the option "Log Out".

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