Corporate Currents

App Benefits

  • Cloud based mobile application for searching & viewing employee details and collaborating between the employees.
  • Look up & know your colleagues better from anywhere and everywhere. Selectively share your corporate and social profiles among colleagues.
  • Drive increased collaboration between employees in a secured manner. Broadcast News; ASK a question, Announce, Congratulate!! – Be in touch!.
  • Make corporate announcements and reach target set of employees quickly and easily. Much better than an email.
  • Runs on IOS & Android, devices (both Tablets & Phones).
  • Easy to use, intuitive application.
  • Corporate administrator control for Corporate Currents app.

App Features

General Features
  • View and know your colleagues with effortless ease through your hand held mobile devices.
  • Tag your colleagues and search by Tags.
  • Works in IOS & Android Mobile phone / tablets.
  • Data securely stored in the cloud.
  • Company admin has a customized admin panel to set controls, and view Leave requests logged.
  • Users can maintain user defaults for effortless usage of the app.
  • Download employee corporate details to your phone / mobile device contact list.
Common Functionalities
  • Company admin can register users for the company.
  • User must belong to a company who has subscribed to the app.
Maintain Profile Info
  • Update Profile Info
  • Share specific profile info with specific groups of employees.
Create and Tag colleagues
  • Create Tags per project team, assignment team, office buddies, common interest etc.
  • Tag colleagues
  • Quick search by Tags
  • Automatic updates:
    • Automatic updates triggered based on events like Birthdays, Work Anniversary, major events to specific target groups as defined in admin control.
    • Send updates like "Ask a question", "Seek an opinion", "Congratulate" etc to specific group of colleagues.
Admin Panel
  • Register users from Company specific admin panel.
  • Maintain corporate specific attributes of the user like office name, designation, corporate email id / phone no etc.
  • Manage employees.

Who will use

  • 1Professionals working in any organization who work in groups or teams.
  • 2 Typically Corporate users like Information Technology professionals, Sales personnel, Service Technicians, Consultants, Retail workers, Executives or workers in plant / warehouses / factories, Students in high schools, colleges etc.

Screen Shots

Mobile app

What You're Getting

  • Free Feature UpdatesFree Feature Updates New features adds to the app come free to you. No headaches, no development to do.
  • Free Technical SupportFree Technical Support Peace of mind ! No technical issues to resolve !
  • Flexible Subscription Options Flexible Subscription Options You can subscribe monthly, for 1 year or for 2 year with option to renew. Lock your price for longer duration and save big!
  • Secured App Running on Google Cloud Platform Secured App Running on Google Cloud Platform Your data is secured in Google cloud platform. 100% data is encrypted. Data is transmitted using https protocol. No data is stored in the device.
  • Global Admin - Manage usersGlobal Admin - Manage users Manage your enterprise users, subscriptions for all apps in the Enterprise Mobile App Room using our Global Admin panel. Manage your users on the go with our complimentary Admin mobile app.
  • App Admin - to Configure AppApp Admin - to Configure AppConfigure apps to your business needs using our app admin panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get access to the new mobile App?

You can get access to the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

2. Why is NCRTS offering this mobile App?

NCR Tehcnosolutions (NCRTS) believes that every organization likes to foster employee collaboration for a better team spirit and encourages employee to know more about each other, appreciate each other achievements and collaborate with each other. This app will increase the organizational productivity, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency increased, and collaboration between employees. This app will serve as a platform upon which future employee offerings can be build including organizational gamifications.

3. Who will use this app?

Professionals working in any organization who work in groups or teams. Typically Corporate users like Information Technology professionals, Sales personnel, Service Technicians, Consultants, Retail workers, Executives or workers in plant / warehouses / factories, Students in high schools, colleges etc.

4. Which devices and OS does the app work on?

It will work on any IOS and Android devices both in mobile phone and Tablet form factor. The app is designed for IOS 5.0 and higher and Android 4.0 and higher. It will work well on Iphone 4, Iphone 4S, Iphone 5 and above. It will work in Ipad Mini, Ipad 2 + and also in Ipad 3 with Retina display. In android devices it will work on devices with sizes ranging from 3.5" to 11".

5. What are the benefits of this Mobile App?

Following are the benefits of this App, a. Cloud based corporate Currents application. b. Runs on most mobile platform like IOS, Android. c. Secured access to company data. d. Look up & know your colleagues better from anywhere and everywhere. e. Tag colleagues, search by Tags. f. Broadcast News; ASK a question, Announce, Congratulate!! – Be in touch! g. Share profile info in a controlled manner- to whom and how much! You are in charge!

6. Where is the corporate employee data stored?

The corporate employee data are stored securely in cloud database. You can deploy the app in your own private cloud or within your company firewalls. The app doesn't store any data in the mobile device.

7. Is there any restriction with the email id or passwords that can be used for loging in to the app?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, the corporate administrator from your organization can define the restrictions on the email ids and the passwords which can be used. Your administrator can restrict login with only the corporate email id and can also put certain restrictions on the minimum no of characters the password have to be, what special characters the password needs to contain etc.

8. Can I use this application from any device of my choice?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, your corporate administrator can control whether the app can be accessed from any device or only from registered devices. If the app is restricted to be used from only registered devices then the administrator can control up to how many maximum devices can be registered for each registered user.

9. Can I login from multiple devices at the same time?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, you will be automatically logged out from the device where in you had logged in earlier. This will notify the user if someone unauthorized is attempting to use the app from any other device.

10. Where can I download the new App?

You can download the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

11. How much does it cost to purchase the new App?

You can buy this application invidually or as part of the NCRTS Enterprise app suite. Pricing depends on the no of users, the length of the subscription and if the app is purchased in isolation or as part of our app suite. Please contact our sales team at + 1 609 945 9281 to know more or email

12. Does NCRTS's new mobile app comply with federal guidelines relating to ADA, 508compliance?


13. How can I report an issue with the app?

We have 24 X 7 customer service. You can also register an Issue with our website. We also have a Chat support and email support.

How do I know my login credentials the first time?

Your login credentials will be provided by the app administrator from your company. Please check with the application administrator in your organization.

What do the two options in the home screen signify?

Once you login after entering the user id / Password for the first time, you will reach the home screen of the application. Here we have 2 options.Directory: This shows the Directory of the Organization. The list of 50 employees is sorted by name. Here we can search for a particular employee, view their details, tag them. You can search for any of your colleagues. Update: You can broadcast messages to your own group and be heard by your group members. You can also see the updates from your employees send to you. You can view your own messages that have been broadcasted.

How can I view the list of employees working in my organization?

Once you login to the app, you will come to the home page where you will select "Directory'. This will bring you to the screen where the employees will be listed. The default listing will be based on your favorite employees, employees whom you have tagged and then the employees belonging to your department. You can search for employees from here by employee name.

How can I search for a particular employee using his/her name?

Login -> Directory -> Navigate to search field and enter the name of the employee. This will list the employees with matching name.

How can I view the details of my manager and my employees reporting to me?

Yes we can do that. Login in the to app-> select "Directory" in the home screen -> Click on the Settings tab on the top right corner -> My Profile. From here we can, either click on "Reports to" and find out the details of your manager, or click on Reportees to find the details of the employees working under you. If you have multiple employees reporting to you, you will get a list of the employees reporting to you. You can tap on any of them to view more details about them.

How can I view the details of a particular employee?

This can be done in two ways. Login -> Directory -> Scroll and locate the employee among the list of employees and click on the name to see the details of the employee. Login -> Directory -> Search the employee by name in the search box, find the employee and click on the name to see the details of the employee. You can view the public details of the employee and only those specific personal details which the employee has shared with you.

Can I make a call to the employee from the employee details screen?

This is a very user friendly and interactive application. To make a call, just click on the telephone number of the user from user details window. Please note, the device must have the capability to make a phone call. Standard phone charges as applied by your phone service company may apply.

Can I send a mail to the user from the application?

Absolutely yes, simply click on the user details page and subsequently click on the user email ID to send a mail. This will open up the default email editor in the mobile device with the email id defaulted in the email to. Please note, you need to set up your mail client to send a mail to the user.

What are the advantages of tagging employees?

This application has been provided with a powerful feature. You can create your own group by creating tags. Once you create a tag, you can click on any user you wish to add to your group and click on the tag field and add him/her to your specific tag. Now any broadcast message to your group will be received by the user you have added in your group. This tagging of your colleagues will enable a quicker search of employees by tags & broadcast specific updates to select groups.

How to create a tag?

To create a tag, please follow the navigation below. Login -> Directory -> Click on the Tags Button -> Create New. Enter the new tag, that you wish to create and click on Save.

Can I tag any employee?

Yes, you can tag several employees with one tag and also use different tags for the same employee. Login -> Directory -> Select the employee you wish to Tag -> Click on Belongs To -> Check the appropriate Tag and click on Tag.

What is Update and what does it do?

Update is a powerful feature embedded in this application which shows the updates that your group is broadcasting. It shows both the updates shared by you and the updates from others who have added you to their group or tagged you and have broadcast updates to such groups. This is a very effective and powerful tool to keep in touch with your colleagues at every moment of your work day and beyond.

How can I broadcast a message to my department?

Login -> Directory -> Click on Broadcast Button -> Type the message on Share an Update, select department in the share with option, and tap on the share button.

How can I broadcast a message to a particular group of people?

Simply follow the steps as mentioned below, and click on the Share with list to send messages to specific group. Login -> Directory -> Click on Broadcast Button -> Type the message in the message box "Share an Update", select the group with whom who want to share the update in the "share with" option, and tap on the share button.

Can I distinguish between an update made by super user and a normal user?

Updates from Super user / administrator will appear in red color.

How to filter the updates chronologically?

In the Updates screen, click on the filter button and select the time frame for which you wish to look for updates. You can choose among updates that are given today, yesterday, present week and previous week.

Can we filter the updates with respect to employees?

Yes, absolutely. In the Updates screen / page, search by the name of the employee from whom you wish to view the updates. The list of updates will then be filtered to the specific employee.

How to view my profile?

It can be done by visiting the Directory Page and clicking on the Settings button and then select "My Profile". This will bring up the User's profile.

How can I control the visibility of my personal data to only select people?

Once you have reached the "My Profile" screen you can tap on the icon next to the fields the info of which you want to share with other. Once you tap on the icon you will get an option to select with whom you want to share the info. Only those employees belonging to the groups you have shared will be able to see that information. You can share various fields with various sets of people. You cannot control the visibility of public information like your name, office email id, office phone no, designation etc.

How to visit the Application Help?

Help can be accessed by simply clicking on the Settings Button and selecting App Help.

Can I share the Application over social media?

We can share the link for the app over social media, where your friends would be able to know about the application and then subsequently join the application. This is now an Enterprise application available to the employees of the organization you are working for. You can do this by clicking on the setting icon from any page and then click on "Share with social media".

How to log out of the Application?

At any point of time, from any screen, you can tap on the Settings icon and selecting the option "Log Out".

How can I reset my password?

In the login screen, there is an option of tapping on "Forgot password". You have to enter your registered email id and then an email will be send to your registered email id with a link to reset the password corresponding to the user associated with that specific registered email id.

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