Corporate under currents

App Benefits

  • Cloud based mobile application for peer to peer informal rating in an organization.
  • Easy & fun way for employees to rate their colleagues, both thumbs up and thumbs down.
  • Rating is totally anonymous. Only net score displayed. Employee will not know who has rated and the rating. No ill feeling among any.
  • Continuous rating process ensures everyone knows on an overall basis how he / she is perceived by colleagues. This implicit feedback from colleagues is a very valuable insight for HR policies and procedures.
  • Company leader board - showcasing the most popular colleagues in the previous period is a motivational tool for organizations.
  • Easy to use, intuitive and fun application running on IOS & Android, devices.
  • Corporate administrator control for Corporate Currents app.

App Features

  • View and Search the list of employees.
  • View the feedback ratings and rate for your peers. Rate colleagues by specific custom defined (by your admin) rating criteria.
  • Feedbacks based on every months, provide feedback for your peers every month.
  • View your own feedback received, understand what peers think of you.
  • Increase employee relations in an open forum, providing the features to share their view of co workers.
  • View the top rated in the organization with respect to positive feedbacks, create a positive ground for employees to perform better socially as well as functionally.

Who will use

  • 1Professionals working in any organization who work in groups or teams.
  • 2Typically Corporate users like Information Technology professionals, Sales personnel, Service Technicians, Consultants, Retail workers, Executives or workers in plant / warehouses / factories, Students in high schools, colleges etc.

Screen Shots

Corporate under current mobile app

What You're Getting

  • Free Feature Updates New features adds to the app come free to you. No headaches, no development to do.
  • Free Technical Support Peace of mind ! No technical issues to resolve !
  • Flexible Subscription Options You can subscribe monthly, for 1 year or for 2 year with option to renew. Lock your price for longer duration and save big!
  • Secured App Running on Google Cloud Platform Your data is secured in Google cloud platform. 100% data is encrypted. Data is transmitted using https protocol. No data is stored in the device.
  • Global Admin - Manage users Manage your enterprise users, subscriptions for all apps in the Enterprise Mobile App Room using our Global Admin panel. Manage your users on the go with our complimentary Admin mobile app.
  • App Admin - to Configure AppConfigure apps to your business needs using our app admin panel.


1. How do I get access to the new mobile App?

You can get access to the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

2. Why is NCRTS offering this mobile App?

Increase the organizational productivity, Employee satisfaction, Operational efficiency Increased, collaboration between business, employees, customers and machines, Also to offer faster ROI.

3. Who will use this app?

Typically Corporate users like Information Technology professionals, Sales personnel, Service Technicians, Consultants, Executives or workers in plant / warehouses / factories etc.

4. Which devices does the app work on?

: It will work on most of the Smart Phones, Tabs having iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows OS.

5. Which Mobile OS work best with the new App?

Android Ginger Bread 2.2, Jelly Bean 3.2 and Above. iOS 4.0 and above.

6. Where is the corporate data stored?

The corporate employee data are stored securely in cloud database. You can deploy the app in your own private cloud or within your company firewalls. The app doesn't store any data in the mobile device.

7. Is there any restriction with the email id or passwords that can be used for logging in to the app?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, the corporate administrator from your organization can define the restrictions on the email ids and the passwords which can be used. Your administrator can restrict login with only the corporate email id and can also put certain restrictions on the minimum no of characters the password have to be, what special characters the password needs to contain etc.

8. Can I use this application from any device of my choice?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, your corporate administrator can control whether the app can be accessed from any device or only from registered devices. If the app is restricted to be used from only registered devices then the administrator can control up to how many maximum devices can be registered for each registered user.

9. Can I login from multiple devices at the same time?

To provide increased security and prevent unauthorized access, you will be automatically logged out from the device where in you had logged in earlier. This will notify the user if someone unauthorized is attempting to use the app from any other device.

10. Where can I download the new App?

You can download the new mobile app from the NCRTS website and from different Mobile Application stores like App Store, Google Play etc.

11. Does NCRTS's new mobile app comply with federal guidelines relating to ADA, 508-compliance?


12. How can I report an issue with the app?

We have 24X7 customer service. You can also register an Issue with our website. We also have a Chat support and email support.

1. How do I know my login credentials the first time?

Your login credentials will be provided by the app administrator from your company. Please check with your app administrator.

1. How can I log in to the app?

Your login credentials will be provided by the app administrator from your company. Please check with your app administrator.

2. How can I reset my password?

: In the login screen, there is an option of tapping on "Forgot password". You have to enter your registered email id and then an email will be send to your registered email id with a link to reset the password corresponding to the user associated with that specific registered email id.

3. What do the 5 options in the home screen signify?

There are 5 options in the home screen, and they are as follows,

Favorite: Contacts marked as favorite by the user. When a user marks a contact as a favorite the same is updated in the server using a web service call. User can remove contacts from favorites.

Recent: Contacts recently viewed. (Details view, not in list). Once a contact details is viewed the contact is updated in the server as a favorite.

Nearby: List Contacts which are nearby the user's current location. Web service call will find out which contacts address is nearby to a user's current location.

Open Tasks: This will come from backend CRM systems and it will show a list of all the open tasks. Tasks can be public and private, and a user can mark them accordingly.

Tags: User can create their own 'Tags'. After creating it, they can mark a contact or contacts with the Tag or Tags. Also they can search a contact or contacts through a Tag or Tags.

4. How can I see the list of contacts working in the organization?

Once log in to the app, we come to the "Home screen". There we have 3 different options through which we can pull up list of contacts working in the organization. First is through "Favorite", second is "Recent" and third is through "Nearby". Also, there is a fourth option, which is called 'Tag'. We can find a contact or contacts through 'Tag'.

5. How can I search for a particular contact using his/her name?

: Just follow the steps mentioned.
Login -> Home Screen -> on the top there is "Search Bar" -> Click on it-> keyboard will pop up -> type the name of the person -> It will show the contact details.

6. How can I create a Tag?

Just follow the steps mentioned.
Login -> Home Screen -> Click on the Tag Button (in the middle) -> Create New. Enter the new tag name, that you wish to create and click on Save.

7. What is Contact List?

This is a list of different contacts from your organization and from different organizations. This will list contacts based on the selection in the home screen. Contacts will be stored in the server and read from the server. Only enterprise contacts will be listed. (Personal contacts in the phone will not be listed in the app). User can tap any contact in the list to view the details of the contacts.

The contact list can be filtered by:
i. Region & Country
ii. Designation

8. How do I Add a New Contact?

User can add an enterprise contact by tapping on the '+' button (on the bottom of the any contact list screen) which will open up a Contact create form. User will fill in the form and save the contact which will create a new contact in the server.

9. How do I Add Notes?

User can create Notes for a contact. The notes will be stored in the Server against the contacts. Notes can be Private notes and Public notes. Private notes will be visible only to that user who created it. Public notes will be visible to all the users when they see the contact details. Only a user who has created a note can modify the notes.

10. What is the use of the Maps?

It has 2 different kind of use and very important ones,
a. Locate: It locates the contact address in the map.
b. Directions: it finds / lists the directions from the user's current location to the contact's address.

11. How can I use the Tasks for the contacts?

Once we search a specific contact, then we can create a task or tasks for that contact. Tasks created for a contact (from a specific contacts details screen) will be visible only for that contact (I.e. Tasks are specific to a contact)

12. What is use of the Social Medias attached with this App?

We have integrated Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweeter with this App. These Social Medias have different functions as stated below,

LinkedIn & Facebook: Will show the common connections in LinkedIn & Facebook (Common between the user and the contact). Search LinkedIn & Facebook (with the contact name and then company name) and show the contact's public profile. If the contact is not a connection yet, then ability to send a LinkedIn invites. Show LinkedIn Updates from the contact person.

Twitter: Show contact's twitter feed. It has the ability to follow a contact in Twitter from the app.

13. How do I do the Phone Interaction from this App?

: User can make phone calls to an enterprise contact from the app itself. Such calls made from the app will be stored in the server. These phone calls will also be listed in the phone interactions with the contact.

14. How do I do an email from this App?

user first need to configure an email address with this app. After that he\she can send to emails to the contact or contacts. It will list all the email interactions made by the user with the contact (any email id of the contact). ). Emails send or received within a fixed time period can be shown (e.g. Last 6 months) and the no of emails displayed in the initial list can be limited to say 20 emails. If there are more email interactions then there will be a "more emails" option enabled, tapping which the user can see more emails.

15. What is the function of the SMS?

User can send SMS to an enterprise contact from the app itself. Such SMS made from the app will be stored in the server. These SMSs will also be listed in the SMS interactions with the contact.

16. How to log out of the Application?

At any point of time, from any screen, you can tap on the Log Off icon on the right top corner and it will log you off from the application.

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