IOS Application Development

Course Fees : 1000 USD

Introduction to iPhone and iPAD App Development

Introduction to Objective C.

iOS Architecture overview.

Cocoa Touch Framework and MVC architecture.

Application Lifecycle/states.

Coding Environment and Simple Application

xCode environment and features.

Outlets, Actions and View Controllers.

Navigation and tab bar based applications templates.

Sample Applications.

iOS Controls and Orientation Changes
  • Building Universal Applications.
  • UI Controls.
  • Screen Rotations (Orientation Changes detection).
  • Sample Applications.
Table View and Maps
  • How to work with Table Views.
  • Locations Based Services and Maps (UIMapKit Framework)
  • Sample Applications.
Database concepts and Web services
  • Local database Storage using SQLite3 (sqlite3.lib).
  • Connection with web-services (NSURLConection).
  • Sample Applications.
Gesture Handling and Animation
  • Recognizing Gestures (Touch, tap and drag gestures etc.).
  • Simple Animations.
  • Sample Applications.
Accessing Device Feature and inbuilt apps
  • Accessing Accelerometer.
  • Accessing Built-in Applications – Address Book and Email.
  • Accessing Hardware – Camera.
Apple Push Notification Concept
Other Concepts
  • Application Debugging and Optimization – memory Leaks.
  • JSON and XML parsing
  • Storyboard.
Building, Testing and Deploying Applications
  • Application Settings and Provisioning Portal.
  • Distributing Applications through App Store.