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Our engagement model

We work on :

Fixed bid basis for fixed scope projects.
Time and material basis for research oriented,variable scope project.

A hybrid approach:

  • On a time and material basis for idea crystallization to Project definition part of the project lifecycle.
  • Fixed bid basis for the core development, testing and deployment part of the project lifecycle.
  • Onsite Mobile consultants / developer staffing - where you want to manage the project with some expert help from our consultants and developers.

Remote project team:
Suitable when :

  • You have a continuous long term mobile development roadmap.
  • When you require round the clock development to meet aggressive schedules.
  • When you need the flexibility to quickly ramp up and ramp down the team strength during the lifecycle of the project.
  • When you want to optimize on the project cost and utilize a cost effective remote delivery rate structure.
  • Avail the services of an experienced developer or a team of developers for weeks or months at a very cost effective rate.

Our performance linked payment plans

Performance based payment

  • 5 % payment on successful completion of the project on-time, on-budget, as per expectations.
  • 5 % payment on exceeding expectations.

Payment plans :

Milestone based payment. (billed on achieving predefined project milestone)

Resource based billing at predefined billing rates (based on resource consumption @ agreed upon billing rate.

Performance based payment

  • 20% discount on all apps in NCRTS Enterprise app suite for our clients for whom we have delivered custom developed Mobile app (Projects more than USD 20K).

Mobile application development methodology

Project management approach

Our management has separate and individual approach for each project throughout the Software Development Lifecycle. We have complete monitoring, tracking and controlling mechanisms for each project. Risk Analysis and prior intimation of each identified risk for projects at each single phase of Mobile Application Development (MAD) is the basis of our project management.

Our MAD methodology consists of 6 phases:

  • 1.         Discover
  • 2.         Visualize
  • 3.         Rapid Prototype
  • 4.         Develop
  • 5.         Inspect
  • 6.         Deploy

Warranty plans

  • Our custom mobile app development services come with a standard 4 month bug fixing warranty. We will fix all bugs which are reported within the first 4 months by the users. Bugs will not include any new requirement, extension of an existing requirement or any other changes beyond the agreed upon scope of the services.
  • We will provide extended support for apps developed by us at a very economical rates depending upon the agreed SLAs. The support services will be delivered from our offshore mobile development center.
  • We will build extensions to the delivered app at an agreed upon rate from our offshore mobile delivery center and assist in rolling out the extensions to your users.