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Mobile Application Tester

Responsible for performing testing on mobile emulating computer software applications to ensure they are working effectively and that they comply with defined requirements and functional specifications. The Software Quality Assurance Specialist shall administering testing, measure results and detects problems.
Requirements :
  • Minimum 5 years Software Quality Assurance experience.
  • Minimum 2 year Mobile testing experience.
  • Experience in testing mobile, web based and server based applications preferred.
  • Experience in SAAS and complex multi-tiered environment
  • Experience with Test Case management software and defect management software.
  • Experience with Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies.
  • Experience with relational database systems.
  • Working knowledge of standard business software (Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel).
  • College degree or equivalent years of related work experience.
  • Excellent base salary
  • Performance Bonus
  • Medical Insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Trainings ( IT Skills)
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