1. Significance of Mobile app for the Business Growth

    From a long day's mobile device uses to be a focal point for every organization. But now mobile app is become the greater way to generate leads for visibility for restaurants, social, travel, holiday aggregator, bank & finance etc. By using mobile app for their own organization many of them like small to mid to big organization have seen the extraordinary business operation growth. They believe that mobile app channel has brought the success & smile to their organization.

    There are many key facts that the businesses believe

    1. Nowadays People are spending their maximum time online in comparison to any other media.
    2. In just 3 years total 575% increased in time spent per day on mobile phones.
    3. About 62% of the world population can change their mind about the brand, if the brand provides opportunities for mobile access, mobile apps or purchase goods and services via smartphone.
    4. 80% of total time spent on mobile phones goes to App using.
    5. Mobile app provides more user experience to users than responsive websites
    6. It directly connects with the customers.

    Some Facts will clear everything

    Mobile App Usages – Statistics & Trends Stats Figure
    Number of mobile app downloads worldwide by 2017 (in millions) 2,68,692
    Number of free mobile app downloads worldwide by 2017 (in billions) 253.91
    Worldwide mobile app revenues in 2016 and 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars) $50.9 & $101.1
    B2C m-commerce sales in the United States by 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars) $200
    Mobile phone internet user penetration in North America by 2019 87.2%
    Global mobile data traffic by 2020 (in exabytes per month) 30.6

    Source: Statista.com

    Based on the above mentioned data, we can depict it that how mobile app is changing the world of business environment & why it is required.

  2. Our speciality in to this field

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