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UX Consultant

Responsibilities include:

  • Create user interface specifications wireframes, interactive prototypes for a broad range of desktop web and mobile interfaces
  • Analyze data and target user behavior through interviews and focus groups, etc. and translate into application design best practices.
  • Participate in the execution of a range of user research activities, such as usability testing, user interviews, surveys, and other methodologies
  • Participate in project meetings and cross-team efforts.
  • Ensure successful execution of product designs by consulting in all phases of the project lifecycle, including testing support (UAT)
  • Document UI standards.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Strong experience creating wireframes and prototypes
  • Experience conducting various usability and UX research methodologies
  • Demonstrated experience designing mobile interfaces for tablet and smart phone
  • Ability to transfer requirements into effective and usable designs. Excellent documentation and presentation skills
  • Understanding and appreciation of user-centered design process and methodologies
  • Strong experience with CSS, HTML, CMS, web platforms, and how technology impacts design.
  • Thorough understanding of navigation techniques, gestures, screen flows and design best practices.
  • Ability to collaborate with a broad range of individuals
  • Strong knowledge of design tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc.
Optional Skill:
  • Domain knowledge of Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Media, Professional services will be a huge advantage.
  • Professional degree or certificate in Interaction Design, multimedia design etc.


  • Excellent base salary
  • Performance Bonus
  • Medical Insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Trainings ( IT Skills)