Highly Interactive Plug n Play Facebook Messenger Bot

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What Is A Facebook Messenger Bot?

A Facebook Messenger bot is a highly interactive chatbot that is implanted into the Facebook Messenger that is used to make conversations with the some of the 2.5 billion Facebook messenger users. If you're an active Facebook user, the chances are high that you would already be having a Facebook Messenger strategy in place. But the practical implementation of this brings us to two main questions:

How Can A Chatbots In Facebook Be Useful For Your Business?

Basically, you get the following advantages of using a Facebook messenger bot in your business :

  • Since the facebook messenger is the third most-used mobile application in the world, the entry for you and your target audience becomes extremely effortless. According to a recent survey, customers exchange near about 3 million messages with various businesses on the Facebook Messenger app every month. These numbers are way too high when compared with the existing mobile apps, where almost 71% of users tend to uninstall an app within 60 to 90 days owing to various reasons.

  • The use of messenger bots is relatively cost-effective, unlike the sky-high costs that are involved in building a mobile app.

How Can Business Sell More Using The Facebook Messenger Bot?

The practical application of messenger bots for selling your products and services are methodical because these bots take your business to a different vantage point because of the following qualities:

  • Direct reach to the audience: According to the latest statistical data collected from an app survey, people are 4.2 times more likely to open and read a message that comes in through the Facebook Messenger, than any other normal marketing text message or email.

  • Cost cutting on Customer care expenditures: When it comes to customer care, all that the Customers expect is around the clock availability. And since this is the advantage that you get with the automated messenger bots, you can cut down a considerable amount of operational cost that's put up for customer care and support. You will be able to invest that in other areas of your business.

  • Active lead identification: A messenger bot can be engineered to identify a customer's needs through basic questions like their preference, budget etc. Once this information is obtained, these potential customers will be directed to the human sales team, thereby generating high-quality leads.

In short, these facebook messenger chatbots have the innate ability to reach out to each and every customer personally, offering them the pertinent content of their choice at the right time.


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