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Why It Is Now A Must Integrating An AI Conversational Chatbot With Your Business Website

The chatbot frenzy dates back to the year 2016 when Facebook announced a developer-friendly platform that can be used to build and incorporate chatbots in the Facebook messenger. Soon enough, the chatbotswere promulgated as the future of the AI-driven revolution for advanced conversational techniques. Basically, Chatbots are language-coded text interfaces, which have been specifically designed by making use of rules that embolden a streamlined, linear-driven and canned interaction. For example, a user can opt to have a normal conversation with a chatbot in a natural language in order to retrieve the information of their choice, instead of going through the mundane task of clicking a menu of multiple options in a website.

Apparently, you might be thinking whether it is beneficial to implement these AI infused Conversational chatbots into your business website or not. The answer to it is the fact that more than the advantages it has to offer, it's a matter of advanced functionality and customer satisfaction that comes into picture when you incorporate AI chatbots in your website.

The following are the conventional advantages of the presence of an AI Conversational chatbot in your website:

  • Building up of a refined and enhanced customer interaction that leads to building up of trust with the end-user.

  • The ability to provide a superior user experience

  • The leverage to provide a Cross-platform integration

  • A considerable increase in the user's attention

As you read further, we will be taking you through the various aspects of AI integrated conversational chatbots in the traditional communicational platforms.

Chat Box For Website

When you have a highly efficient chatbot integrated into your website, you take the efficiency and performance of your website to a whole new level. Let's see how much salutary it implements these chatbots to your websites :

Moving in parallel with the advanced trend

A recent research study reveals that on an average, 92% of the customers prefer to interact with the businesses through chat. The reason being the fact that it's way simpler, easier and faster to use. And this is the winning point for the businesses where they have an open opportunity in front of them to reach out to their customers through Chatbots by staying well within the advancements in trend and technology.

An ameliorated Customer Service

Customer service doesn't include only the support that is being provided after the sale or purchase of goods and services by a customer. It also encompasses the following aspects :

  • Extensive Customer Assistance: Providing an extended support to the online shoppers while shopping. This includes clarifying their queries related to all the issues faced by them while shopping.
  • Round the clock customer support: Chatbots can be programmed in such a way that it can provide automated answers to the frequently asked queries ( repetitive questions) immediately, no matter whatever the time is. These chatbots will be available 24/7 to assist the customers
  • A Prescient Customer Interaction: The chatbots give your website the leverage to initiate conversation with each and every customer who visits your website regarding any kind of issue that they face at any time of the day. This eliminates the "passive customer interaction" thereby making your website sound more pro-active and interested in the customer.
Procuring insights by active monitoring of the Consumer Data

As we know that chatbots are highly efficient tools for your website to interact with the customers, it can also be used to collect feedbacks using simple questions. And through these feedbacks, With the feedback they collect through simple questions, you will be able to make enhancements in your products and services along with optimization of various parts of the website that are slow performing. These Chatbotscan be also utilized to track the customer's buying patterns and purchasing behavior by monitoring their data.

Outdistanced Lead Generation

It's not a big surprise that the chatbots can be specifically programmed to deliver personalized messages that can facilely assist the customers through the conventional buyer's journey. You can make your chatbots persuade and motivate the customers to buy a product, thereby generating a potential lead for you. The persuasion would be done by the Chatbots by taking care of the fact that the flow is on the right path so that the conversion rates always show up on the positive side of the transaction chart.

Lastly, the incorporation of these Chatbots in your website can bring down the customer acquisition costs as the accessibility to these chatbots are extremely high with the lowest wait time for the interaction to start.


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