Plug n Play Chatbot for Educational Institutes

Our chatbot for educational institutes is a virtual assistant that can conveniently provide institute info, exam schedules, placement & internship opportunities, info on facilities, fee info, course registration and more.

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Infographic on common questions a school attends to everyday

Our Discord Chatbots Can Do A Lot To Help You Manage Recurring Activities Of Your Educational Institute

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Infographic on how a chatbot can help school manage common queries with ease

Engage Your Students & Their Parents With Our AI Powered Voice Assistant

Give your customers the convenience to interact with your business through Google Home & Alexa.

How Our AI Chatbot Can Help You Manage Your School Operations More Efficiently

Easy access to Programs / Courses and more:

Make it easy for current students / future students / parents to find the programs, courses you offer

Chatbot making information on all courses easily accessible
Chatbot helping in increasing student enrolment

Increase course sign ups

Let students or parents sign up for courses through natural conversation. Enable them to know course prerequisites, course faculty and other relevant info.

Make library info available easily

Let students find information about the Library facilities, open hours. Let students find info about library books, reserve a book, check to whom a book is issued and when it is likely to be available.

With better information on availability of books, students get to read more
Chatbot making access to exam results easy

Exam info and grades at fingertips

Let students and parents access exam info, dates, exam schedule, test results / grades in an easy manner anytime they need to.

Institute Facility & branding

Let future students / parents / visitors access Institute info, campuses / center info, teaching style, success stories in an easy manner and boost student registrations.

Image of a school laboratory
Chatbot making access to information on placement and internship opportunities for student and parents very easy

Placement and Internship opportunities

Let students and parents access placement info of past years, the companies visiting campus for placements, Illustrious alumni info and more in a natural conversational style. Free up your placement cell / coordinators from being bombarded thru emails or phone calls for such info.


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