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We engage flexibly with our Clients. Based on the nature of the requirements we propose the most suitable engagement model. Our engagement models are beneficial to clients because they propose competitive prices, dedicated resources, no hidden costs, and zero overheads.

Some of the benefits of choosing our engagement models:

No complexities

Transparent project updates

Secured development environment

Uncompromising quality

Calculated costs and budgeted rates

100% Privacy Maintained

Standardized Approach.

Fixed price model

Fixed price model involves fixed price for smaller projects that require basic and standard development processes. This is best suited for those who have a clear vision of the scope of work and how their app(s) will be developed and maintained. You pay a fixed price that has been mutually agreed upon at the start of the project engagement. In such projects the scope of work is well documented and agreed upon. Any additional scope is considered as a change request and separately estimated for.

This model works great when you have a clear grasp on what you wish your project to achieve with little or no uncertainty.

Hourly Hire model (Time and material)

In a Time and Material model you hire skilled technical experts specializing in one or more domains for your project needs. Our expert developer works directly with you and other members of your team. This method of pricing is highly popular for creative and larger projects.

In this business model, you pay for the technical developers employed in your projects. It allows you to have more flexibility in the development of your app and is a very transparent process.

This model models on Hourly basis for a budgeted number of hours. The hiring period is minimum 20 hours, which can be further extended as per development requirements and business process. This model is good for short term needs.

Dedicated extended Remote team - Monthly hire

Dedicated remote engagement model that lets you hire multiple dedicated Web developers, web designers, mobile application developers, Experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning experts, data scientists and testers for longer durations with confidence and peace of mind. Developers are fully dedicated to your project needs and do not work on any other engagements. Typical work day is for 8 hours with a significant overlap of 3-4 hours with your time zone. There will be 20 working days in a month.

This model help create trust between us, the service provider and you, the client. This is most ideal for a long-term association.

Monthly engagement is best suited for those clients who are engaged in multiple projects, product development, product improvement and support, product change and maintenance, etc.

Fixed Bid Projects
  • Delivered from our development Center in India.
  • Skilled project manager deployed for the project.
  • Fixed bid for fixed scope projects.
  • Billing based on predefined agreed upon milestones.
  • Very competitive rates. Highest quality standards.
Per Hour Basis
  • Delivered from our development Center in India
  • Minimum quantity of work is 20 hours.
  • Billing every 40 hours of work.
  • Per hour rate from US$ 14 - 18 depending on skills.
  • Onsite (US) hire - at US$ 60 - 90 / hr.
Per Month Basis
  • Delivered from our development Center in India.
  • US based point contact / Project manager for US & European clients.
  • Full time engagement for a minimum of 1 month / 20 working days.
  • Billing every 80 hours of work per developer.
  • Per month rate from US$ 1500 - 2000 depending on skills and skill level.

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